Mini Mods Costs

Mondrian Mini                     





mini mods are what we call them……

You may call them ‘Mum’s office’, ‘Jack’s study’ or ‘Sara’s drum room’; perhaps ‘Aunty Kate’s spare room’ or ‘Dad’s studio’ or ‘the sewing room’; whatever use you find for them it will probably be as unique as they are. They are small, smart and resource efficient. We like to think of them as

c r e a t i v e  s p a c e

These multi-purpose rooms have insulated walls and ceiling and are fitted with a light and two double power points fitted with a safety switch. They are lined with ply and have Colorbond mini-orb or Ply cladding. Other claddings, finishes and furnishings are available.


The mini mods shown are 2.4 x 2.4 m. Other sizes possible; please discuss your needs with us.