Mini Mods

Wild Homes is offering these unique “Mini” sustainable buildings that can serve a multitude of purposes. Whether it is to provide a home office space or study, a reading room, music room or a spare bedroom for visitors, using a Mini Mod is a fast and sustainable solution. You may even ‘take a Mini Mod to work’ if you have a business where you need a small display place or a place to do business with customers. To this end Mini’s can be relocated from site to site if required, for example if you are presenting your business at an expo.

Rather than go to the expense and trouble of extending your home a Mini Mod can be pre-built and delivered to your site (site access will be required, however a crane may be suitable to place some Mini’s behind existing homes). Mini’s less than 10m2, such as the two pictured, are unlikely to need a permit (however you will need to check with your local Council regarding your property’s requirements).