About Us

Company Profile

Wild Homes Pty Ltd is a local company based in Strathfieldsaye near Bendigo in Central Victoria. Brendan and Vanessa Wild of Wild Homes are dedicated to building and designing homes that are better for people to live in and better for the environment. Several years of researching and building more environmentally aware homes has seen them three times awarded the Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) ‘Most Energy Efficient/Best Sustainable Energy Home’ regionally and in 2004 they were also awarded ‘Best Sustainable Energy Home’ at the State-wide awards. 

Brendan has been a carpenter for over twenty five years and Director of Wild Homes for almost twenty years. Over that time he has purposely focused on homes that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

His involvement in the practical work on-site has yielded invaluable experience in methods and materials that work and skilled trades-people that aren’t afraid to do things a little differently!

Vanessa has been working with Brendan in the business for over ten years now. What started out as ‘research assistance’ has turned into a unique partnership as Vanessa now teams with Brendan and prospective clients to help design their new home or renovation. Vanessa is especially interested in homes being healthy as well as environmentally aware, and has a passion for smart design that is both beautiful and functional.

Brendan and Vanessa have five children and pride themselves on being a family-friendly business. For clients with children this means accommodating the needs of the family during the design and building phases and anticipating the needs of all the occupants of the home both now and into the future. Child safety, functionality and accessibility are all important considerations that will have an enormous impact on the success of the design.

To date Wild Homes has built homes using straw-bale, rammed earth, mud-bricks, timber, corrugated iron, Ecoply and brick! However the Wilds believe that most materials and styles can feature in a sustainable home, the difference is the light and comfort level of the end result – there is no substitute for smart design.

“We want to build homes that make a difference – to the environment and the people who live in them. We love smart design and are “Grand Design” fans, however we believe sustainable design has to look at reducing house sizes and creating smaller functional homes that out-perform large ones. We’d like to see homes recognised for being “Humble Designs”!

We would love to see more people able to own their own sustainable home and are keen to explore how this can be done in an era of such high land prices. We believe pre-fab homes may be a part of the solution and have begun exploring this with our Mini Mod concept. We are also keen to assist people to build their own home if this is something they would like to do (see ‘Assistance for Owner Builders under Services Offered).

Watch this space too for the development of a range of homes suited for lower budgets, some of these will be designed with future extensions in mind so that your home can grow with you … and your budget.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an innovative building and design service that delivers outstanding quality homes to enhance people’s lives and protect our environment

Our Vision

Our vision is to see Wild Homes meet the need for exciting, contemporary, sustainable housing and have an inspirational effect on the families and communities we work with.

Key Values

We value family and community—people helping people; innovation; creativity; excellence; we want our building to reflect these values.